*sexually strokes wall until finding light switch*

What a turn on.

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Tumblr has taught me more about feminism, womens rights, rape culture, slut shaming, mental illness etc, more than school ever had. So don’t you dare tell me this website is a complete and utter waste of time

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Never feel guilty about something that makes you happy
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1.Text her back as soon as you see her messages
2. Don’t lie to her
3. Don’t let her fall asleep without telling her you love her
4. Don’t let her fall asleep mad
5. Don’t make stupid mistakes
6.Call her and say you love her at least once a week
7.If you can both work your schedules around a skype date then do it
8. Plan to visit her
9. Don’t get mad at her for dumb things
10. If you have a reason to be upset with her then talk about it & work it through
11. Listen to her,anything she says is important
12. Remind her of how beautiful she looks when she smiles
13. Don’t build walls between you two
14. Trust her enough to tell her how you really feel
15. Make her remember she’s yours every time you kiss her
16. Long distance is a test & it’s up to you to get that A+
17. Show her songs/poems/anything that reminds you of her
18. Call her baby,babe,sweetie,beautiful etc. all the time
19. Don’t break her heart
20. Hold her hand in public no matter who is looking
21. Make love to her as if it was the first and last time
22. Don’t take her for granted
23.Be spontaneous when you take her out
24. Hold her tight when she cries
25. Love her with every breath of your existence

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Bae <3


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You’re beautiful, baby <3

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If only.

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my friend did a psychology class in high school and came to my house and diagnosed my cat with depression 

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hey babe *wraps you up in a blanket* i know today might have been hard for you *ruffles your hair* but you made it through the day *boops your nose* you’re doing such a good job *kisses your forehead* and i am so proud of you

i have a 6 year old cousin that would deadass slap u if u came to her with this sort of mess but there are people with double digit ages fucking with this

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i love fall colors and fall drinks and fall activities and fall weather and fall clothes but most of all i love fall out boy

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Do authors cry when they kill the best character or do they smile, laugh and have a cup of tea with satan

the difference between jk rowling and george rr martin 

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the fact that there are animals who can see colors that i cant which means that there are colors that exist that it is literally impossible for me to envision is such fucking bullshit that i wanna rip open a couch and eat it

Humans have 3 types of rods for processing color (red green and blue). Mantis Shrimp have 16.

Fucking shrimp. I will NOT be jealous of food.

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everything personal


everything personal

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It only costs $0.00 to keep it real

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